Cowbridge CS Rugby Shirt 40-46 inch chest




This official Cowbridge Comprehensive School rugby jersey is 100% popcorn polyester fabric. Easily washable and great to wear as an extra layer when it’s cold outside and for rugby lessons.

Size guide

9-1011-12Age 13Small Medium Large X Large 
Red Stripe Jumper 30”32” / 34” 34” / 36” 36” / 38” 40” 42” / 44” 44” / 46” 
White Stripe Jumper 32” / 34” 34” / 36” 36” / 38” 40” 42” / 44” 44” / 46” 
PE Polo 9-1011-12Age 13 Small Medium Large X Large 
PE Hoody 9-1011-12Age 13 Small Medium Large X Large 
Rugby Jersey 32” 34” 36”38” / 40”42”44”46”

Additional information


40", 42", 44", 46"


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